Online Indian bank account statement in 2022?


How to get Indian bank account statement in the mail id?

Today we will tell you , How customers of the Indian bank and Allahabad bank can easily get the Indian bank account statement  in the mail id .

Indian bank is providing the facility to its customer to get account statement without net banking.

We will be discussing the following banking terms about Indian bank account statement.

  • Online Indian bank statement PDF download
  • How to get Indian bank statement without net banking
  • Indian bank account statement online sample
  • Indian bank account statement through sms
  • How to get online indian bank statement in mobile
  • indian bank balance check

To get online account statement of Indian bank. There is two ways to get account statement.

  1. Using the indOASIS App
  2. Using the official website of the bank.

Note: – To get online statement : Email- id must be registered in bank account.

know about the  How to register net banking of the indian bank

How to get online indian bank statement using the indOASIS App?

  1. Download and install the indOASIS App and login the indOASIS app.
  2. Keep ready  CIF(customer information file) from passbook or from official website of the bank
  3. Be ready with indian bank atm card or debit card number to verify the account details of the account
  4. Click on the value added services.
  5. Click on activate through e-mail.
  6. Select account to get statement of the selected account.
  7. Select frequency. Frequency like. daily, monthly, yearly.
  8. Click on submit

After registration of it you will be able to get Indian bank account statement.

By using the Indoasis app you can download m passbook of Indian bank account .

How to get online indian bank statement using official website of the bank in mobile.

online indian bank account statement in mail 2022

  1. Visit the official website of the Indian bank. indian bank website
  2. visit
  3. Click on useful links and Visit the online services
  4. Scroll down and click on account statement by E-mail.
  5. Type your account number and type captcha from the mention captcha screen
  6. Click on submit.


Frequently asked questions.

Q.  How to get online indian bank statement in mobile?

Ans. You can get the account statement by using the internet banking and indOASIS App and using the official website of the bank..

Q. What is the indian bank statement password ?

Ans. Password of the PDF of account statement received in mail id is CIF of the account.

Q. How to get CIF of the indian bank account.

Ans. You can visit our article to understand CIF and to get the CIF of the account. or you can get CIF number form passbook or visit the official website of the bank and you can contact nearest the branch of the bank to know the cif of the bank

Also you can read  article to understand the cif of indian bank.

CIF number of the indian bank or allahabad bank

Q. How indian bank balance check

Ans. Customer can check the balance of the Indian bank account using the following toll free numbers.

 8108781085 and  9289592895

Q. How to get Indian  statement in mobile

Ans. We can get the Indian bank statement in mobile by calling the miss call number of the bank but  here you can get only balance of your account. Here you can get the all accounts balance which are lined with your mobile number.

Customer can get the statement in mobile through e-mail id. just register the your e-mail id in your bank account and select the cycle to get statement daily/monthly/yearly from official website or indOASIS App.

Q. Indian bank statement through sms

Ans. Customer can get the bank account statement by giving the miss call number or calling on the toll free number of the bank. as mention above.

Q. How to get Indian bank statement without net banking

Ans. There are three ways to get bank statement without using the net banking online

  • IndOASIS App- install app and activate the statement from value added services in indOASIS App.
  • Official website of the bank- by visiting the official website of the bank
  • install indOASIS App- select account – click on mini statement- account statement- download statement for last month-3 months-6 months-year as per your requirement.
Q. Indian bank statement PDF download

Ans. Customer receives the statement in PDF that is called statement in pdf download and  Indian bank customer can get the statement in PDF format or you can download it in pdf format from your mail id in which you can get the statement. Password of the pdf statement will be your cif number .

CIF number means- customer information file or customer information number.

Q. How to open indian bank statement pdf

Ans: The statement which you get in your mobile or Email id can be open easily by the password of the statement . The password of the statement will be cif number of account.

Q. What is the indian bank statement request by Email?

Ans. Indian bank customer can get statement or mini statement by request by email. Here customer need to register email id in bank account to activate the statement request by email.

  • Enter account number
  • Type the captcha from given image.
  • click on submit button
  • OTP will received in your registered mobile request for statement by Email
  • After otp validation you can see the EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION REQUEST
  • Select the Subscription frequency like- Daily-weekly-monthly
  • click on submit and you will receive the massage for Request successfully accepted . Thanks for showing interest.

Q. Indian bank account statement sample

Ans. Account statement sample will like as mention: Statement will be in PDF Format and one left side you can see logo of the bank and below the Indian bank logo you can see name of the customer.

Other side of the statement is: Branch address in which you have account and below the customer address and branch address.

account statement sample

Statement from date to other date.

logo of the  bank

Indian bank

Name and address of the customer                                                                     Branch name and address

Xyz                                                                                                                               AzadPur Branch

C-2 new Delhi                                                                                                            C- 2 New Delhi         

Statement from 28/10/2021 to 5/11/2021.

Here you can get your statement details like statement  DR/CR and date of the statement. and balance of the account.


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