IndOASIS App- Indian Bank Mobile Banking 

IndOASIS App is a mobile banking app of Indian bank. IndOASIS App- indian bank mobile banking is an upgraded version of Indpay and new mobile banking app of the Allahabad bank and Indian bank.

IndOASIS is Indian Bank’s mobile banking application available in Google Play Store and iOS App Store for retail users –One App Simple, Integral, Secure.

IndOASIS app is available in many languages like

  English • Hindi • Tamil • Malayalam • Kannada
•  Telugu • Marathi • Odiya • Gujarati • Punjabi
• Bengali • Konkani • Assamese


Today we will be discussing about various point about the Mobile banking of Indian bank and IndOASIS App of the Indian bank.

  • What is IndOASIS App?

  • About the Indpay.

  • indOASSIS App registration?

  • Why indOASIS App is not working

  • What are features in the indOASIS App.?

  • How can the customer of the Allahabad bank activate the indOASIS App.?

  • Why empower app Allahabad bank is not working

  • Can we get statement using the indOASIS App

  • What is MPIN and MTPIN in indOASIS App

  • Statement of Indian bank in the e-mail id?

  • Apps indian bank

  • Mobile banking for indian bank

  • indian bank app

  • Mobile banking indian bank

  • what is mpin in indian bank

IndOASIS App registration

What we need to activate indOASIS App.

  • Cif number of the account
  • ATM card number and expiry date
  • Registered mobile number
  • IndOASIS App
  • Android mobile to install app
  • Minimum requirement: Android 4.4 and above, iOS 13.4 and above.
  • indian bank indOASIS App

indian bank mobile banking-indOASIS App


indOASIS Registration procedures

Customers of the Indian bank and Allahabad bank they can easily activate the mobile banking on their mobile by using following steps.

  • Firstly install IndOASIS App mobile banking app from play store for example Android user from Google play store and I-phone user from I phone play store.
  • Secondly Open it and allows permission to install this app in your mobile.
  • Further Select language and processed next and click OK.
  • Type your CIF number and click on send SMS. (CIF number is available in your passbook and you can contact nearest Indian branch to get CIF number.  How to get cif of the indian bank
  • Allow permission and select sim for activation of the app and It will send a sms for verification of the mobile number
  • Wait for verification of the OTP
  • Select option to activate Indian Bank Mobile Banking                                                                                          

    We can activate to IndOASIS Application By using the three ways.

  1. Internet Banking User Id( if you are the existing internet banking user): You choose internet banking, enter internet banking user id and password.
    Please ensure you have an active Internet banking login before using this method
  2. ATM/Debit Card: If you choose ATM/DEBIT card, enter full card number, expiry date as MM/YY
    and PIN. Please ensure your card is activated and in use before using this
  3. Existing MPIN: If you are an existing IndPay user, enter existing MPIN. You must remember
    your existing IndPay MPIN to use this option. You can continue to use this
    MPIN for IndOASIS also
  • Select ATM/Debit Card option and keep ready your Atm/Debit card.
  • Type your Atm card number and expiry number and type atm pin
  • Create 4 digits MPIN and reconfirm MPIN which is used to login in IndOASIS App
  • Make MTPIN of 4 digits & reconfirm MTPIN which will be  used to perform transactions.
  • Click on ok and login using the MPIN 

    Mobile banking of the Indian bank – IndOASIS App

    The mobile banking of Indian bank and Allahabad bank is an indOASIS app. It is available now in Google play store and I-phone play store. IndOASIS app is very efficient and robust app of the Indian bank.

    IndOASIS App is providing the banking services to the customer on their hands. IndOASIS app is not only providing financial services but also non-financial services.

    Customer of the Indian bank and Allahabad bank now they can use the Mobile banking app indOASIS App. it complete the need of the customers now days. Name of the mobile banking of Allahabad bank and Indian bank is indOASIS App.

    Now after technical merger of the Allahabad Bank CBS into Indian bank CBS. Customers of the Allahabad bank and Indian bank they can now install the indOASIS app in place of the emPower app. 

    About the Indpay

    Indpay is an old mobile banking app of the Indian bank. Indian bank has shut down this app. The bank has launched new mobile banking app  indOASIS.

    Customer who were using the IndPay of the Indian bank now then can uninstall the indpay they can use the new mobile banking app indoOASIS App.

    IndOASIS App is not working

     Mobile banking indOASIS app is not working due few reasons

    • Server problem
    • Connectivity problem
    • IndOASIS APP may not be updated
    • You could not allow the permission of the app
    • App may be in repairing mode

    What we need to activate indOASIS App?

    We have already given this information in the beginning of the post

    How to register indOASIS App. Please follow the beginning steps of the post

    What are features in the indOASIS App?

    Indian bank mobile bank app indOASIS App has many features let’s discuss one by one

    • Accounts
    • Deposits:
    • Recharge/Bill pay
    • Fund Transfer
    • Value Added services
    • Apply Loan
    • Cards
    • Wealth Management
    • E-services
    • indoasis app

    In this tab you can connect will all your accounts with Indian bank like… Saving accounts, Current accounts, Overdraft Accounts, loan accounts.

    accounts in indoasis app


    In the accounts sections you can check the balance of the accounts and you can able to check your last transactions of the account.

    Here you can find the details of the accounts like..

    • Account type
    • Account Number
    • CIF
    • IFSC code
    • Branch name
    • Account opening date
    • Current balance
    • Un cleared balance
    • Amount on hold
    • Accrued till date
    • Net Available Balance

    You can find the mini statement from here and also you can download the statement of the account.We can download statement from start date to end date.

    Statement for last months, 3 months, 6 months, year.

    Note: from here you can download your statement and you can e-mail it from here.


    IndOASIS App is providing the options to open fixed deposits, recurring deposit, and short term Deposit, money multiplier Deposit, Variable Recurring Deposit.

    deposit and e-investment

    Recharge/Bill pay: Using the indoasis app you can recharge the mobile and pay the bill using the insta pay and Registered biller pay.

    recharge and bill pay

    Fund transfer.

    IndOASIS App provides Fund transfer facility not only for own Allahabad Bank and  Indian bank accounts but also fund transfer to other bank accounts using the IndOASIS app.

    indoasis app fund transfer

    By using the fund transfer facility, we can transfer the funds in own account of Indian Bank and other accounts of Indian Bank.

    You can get three option for fund transfer.

    Self-pay: You can transfer in your own account of Indian bank

    Bene. Pay: We can send the money to the added beneficiaries list which you have added earlier.

    Easi Pay: Here you can use this option to transfer fund without using the beneficiary list or you have not added beneficiary to the list.

    Using the Easi Pay you can transfer the amount to the Indian bank accounts and other bank accounts. You can use IMPS option to transfer money.

    Note: in the fund transfer menu you will get limit set option to set the transfer limit of the account.

    Value Added services.

    Indian bank indOASIS App is providing the Value Added services and value added services are available below of the indOASIS App.

    indoais app value added services

    • Standing instructions: Here you can create the Standing instruction (SI) for fund to account as on particular date.
    • Transaction Lock/Unlock: To lock and unlock transactions.
    • Manage Nominee: You can register/change your accounts nominee online without visiting the branch.
    • Cheque services: We can apply cheque from here and also you can check you status of the cheque.
    • Activate statement through E-mail: you can activate the statement from your account to your registered mail id according your need like- daily, weekly, yearly, monthly.
    • Tax service: You can use tax related services from here
    • Apply insurance: To apply insurance from here
     Apply Loan:

    Using this option you can apply the loan in Indian bank. You can select your desire loan option like home loan, vehicle loan etc.

    Cards indian bank atm card limit

    By using the card menu of the indOASIS App. You can access the card services of the Indian bank.

    Debit card and credit card: Using the card services of the indoasis app we can set the debit card limit.

    Payment channel setting: You can change the allow and not allow

    Atm withdrawal

    Pos shopping


    NFC (Contactless)

    CASH at POS


    We can change the debit card pin using the card option in indoasis app and we can set the debit card pin of the Indian bank.

    Wealth Management

    In the Wealth Management we can get three option.

    wealth management of indoasis aap

      1. National Pension Scheme
      2. PPF Account
      3. Mutual Funds

    Indian bank mobile banking app IndOASIS App is providing the E-services like.

    • Request Locker Facility
    • Change Home Branch
    • Email Updation.
    Request locker Facility:

    IndOASIS APP redirect you official website of the bank where you can see the available locker according the need.

    Here you have to select the

    • State name
    • Center name – like you city name
    • Branch- where you want locker
    • Capcha- for verification of the human beings.
    • After click on view availability now you can see the locker and locker size details and you can see the charges of the locker.
    Change Home Branch

    Indian bank mobile banking allows its customer to change their home branch using the indOASIS App online without visiting the branch.

    • Click on change home branch option
    • Select your account which you want to transfer
    • Select the new ifsc code of the new branch where you want to transfer your account
    • Verify your new branch name and address. if you don’t the ifsc code then click on the find ifsc code option and get the ifsc code of the branch.  FIND THE IFSC CODE THE BRANCH
    • Click on proceed button
    • Verify details and click on confirm button and type the MTPIN of the indOASIS App.
    • Enter OTP will be verifying automatically
    • Click on proceed
    E-mail Updation

    IndOASIS App providing the new service online that e-mail updation . now customer of the indian bank directly then can update the e mail id on their accounts without visiting the branch.

    Just click on the e-services and go on e mail updation and type new mail id and proceed

    So like this you can easily update the e mail id in the account using the indOASIS App.


    How can the customer of the Allahabad bank activate the indOASIS App.?

    Customer of the Allahabad bank also register indOASIS APP as usual as Indian bank customer. Installation and registration process already explain at beginning of the post.

    Why Allahabad bank empower is not working

    Empower app of the Allahabad bank is not working because the CBS of the Allahabad bank or data of the bank has been merger in Indian bank database.

    After technical merger of the Allahabad bank empower app has been stop and app has been put on discontinuation mode.

    Customer of the Allahabad bank has download the indoasis app and beneficiary of the empower app will be transferred in the indoasis app. We can access the old beneficiary list of empower app in the indoasis app after registration.

    Can we get statement using the indOASIS App?

    We can get mini statement of the account using the indOASIS App. You need install indoasis app and go to the accounts section of the app and click on the accounts download the statement according your desire.

    Statement of Indian bank in the e-mail id?

    statement in mail id using the indoasis app

    Visit the value added services of the app and Activate statement through E-mail:

    What is MPIN in mobile banking of Indian bank?

    Basically MPIN is a 4 digit login pin in indOASIS app. MPIN is created while registering the mobile banking app later on used to open or login in indOASIS App.

    To know about miss call banking the SBI bank then please visit the below blog.

    How to Register Sbi quick app

    Q & A

    Q. what is  Apps indian bank ?

    Ans. Apps indian bank means what is the name of indian bank mobile app that is called indoasis app.

    indoasis app is new mobile banking application of indian bank which carry digital banking of indian bank

    Q. what is the mobile banking for indian bank.

    Ans. indoasis app is the mobile banking app of indian bank

    Q. what is the mpin in indian bank

    Ans. Mpin in indian bank means a login pin or application login pin of indian bank which is created by user while register the indoASIS App of indian bank. its the four digit login pin of mobile banking app indoasis .


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