Indian Bank Platinum Rupay Debit card limit

How to increase ATM limit of Indian bank in 2021.

Today will be discussing about Indian bank platinum rupay debit card limit online.

We can easily increase the limit of Indian bank platinum rupay debit card online by using the indOASIS App.

Just follow the few steps.

  1. Firstly Login in IndOASIS app
  2. Secondly click on the Card option indoasis app indian bank
  3. Further Select debit card indian-bank-card-services.
  4. Here select account number in which you have attached ATM card number.
  5. Select the card number and you will be redirected to debit card details screen
  6. Select the debit card limit option indian bank atm card limit
  7. Now you in set limit screen indian bank platinum rupay debit card limit indian bank rupay debit card limit
  8. You can get multiple channel options to increase limit like
  • ATM withdrawal limit
  • POS Shopping limit
  • E-commerce limit
  • NFC limit
  • Cash at POS limit.
  1. Select your ATM withdrawal limit and set limit amount to increase or decrease and submit the button to set the Indian bank platinum rupay debit limit.

The maximum withdrawal limit of the Indian bank platinum rupay debit is Rs.1, 00,000. In which you can set the limit below Rs.1, 00,000 but you can’t increase more than Rs.1, 00,000.

How to generate the ATM card pin of the indian bank

Indian bank Rupay Debit/atm card limit

Rupay debit card/atm card limit is only Rs. 50000 and  for Point-of-sales & online purchases is Rs.1,00,000/

Indian bank now days only issuing the rupay debit card to promote the indian card like rupay debit card.

POS shopping limit of platinum rupay ATM

POS shopping limit of debit card of Indian bank is Rs.2, 00,000 and here you can increase your shopping limit up to Rs.2, 00,000.

E-commerce Limit.

Platinum Rupay ATM card has limit of Rs.2, 00,000 for the E-commerce. We can’t increase limit beyond the Rs.2, 00,000.

NFC limit for the Rupay Platinum ATM card of the Indian bank.

We can set the limit for the platinum debit card of the Indian bank and Allahabad band using the indOASIS App. By just clicking the Card services as mention screen.

NFC [Contactless] limit can be increased as much as we want. There is no limitation for the NFC payment in the Indian bank for the platinum debit card.

Cash at POS limit

In the Indian bank cash at POS point can be increased but it has limitation of Rs.2000 only. We can withdrawal only two rupees from the POS point.

Cash at POS has only two rs.2000 limit.

In short, by using the indOASIS App we can increase the limit platinum rupay ATM card of the Indian bank.  In inclusion, we can also set the limit for the other channel

Like. ATM POS Shopping, E-commerce, NFC, Cash at POS limit.

Debit card of indian bank

indian bank issues different type of debit card to customers.

  • MasterCard World
  • E – purse
  • RuPay Platinum Card
  • PMJDY Card [Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana]
  • MUDRA Card [Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency]
  • Senior Citizen Debit Card
  • IB Surabhi Platinum Card
  • RuPay Debit Select Card
  • IB DIGI – RuPay Classic Card


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