Empower aap of Allahabad Bank

Highlights of the  Empower App of Allahabad Bank

  • What is an Empower App?
  • What is Allahabad Bank emPower app?
  • How do I register with empower app?
  • What are the features of Allahabad Bank emPower App?
  • How to activate Empower Allahabad Bank?
  • How can I check my account balance online in Allahabad Bank?
  • How to use Allahabad Bank emPower?

What is an Empower App?

Empower app is the mobile banking app of Allahabad Bank which is providing online baking services to customer by using emPower App of Allahabad  bank.

What is Allahabad Bank emPower App

Empower app basically upgraded version of all mobile banking (mobile banking apps) of Allahabad bank 
which includes more updated features of Allahabad Bank Mobile banking. An emPower App is digital platform of the Allahabad bank which more power ful and secure app for customer of Allahabad bank  . Empower app is now available in four language English and Hindi ,Tamil and Bangla .
How to register emPower app of Allahabad Bank, register mobile banking aap of Allahabad Bank
allahabad bank empower aap

How do I register with the emPower App?

You need to download the emPower App of Allahabad Bank from the play store and i phone store for I phone users.  After installing the empower app you will get two options via user id and via debit card. You can register with the emPower app of Allahabad Bank by using the user id of NetBanking of your account or using the debit card of your account.

How to register Allahabad Bank Empower App, register yourself Allahabad Bank Mobile banking aap

How to activate Empower Allahabad Bank?

 Using user id:-

 If you have the NetBanking user id of your account then you can type the user id and password of the user id then you can login into the Empower app.

using Debit card:- 

You can register the empower app by using debit card details by using the following information.

 1. Mobile number 

 2. Account number

 3. Last six digit of the ATM card

 4. Expiry date of ATM card

 After typing all information you will get OTP  then submit and create 4 digit MPIN which is used to login in Empower App of Allahabad Bank.

What are the features of the Allahabad Bank emPower app?

emPower app has many features which provide robust banking services to customers

Let’s discuss one by one 

Empower aap has four menu options

 1. Accounts

 2. Banking

 3. Services

 4. More

How to Reset atm pin of allahabad bank atm

 The features of the Allahabad Bank emPower app

 1. Accounts.

 It consists of all linked accounts of the bank like a saving account and joint account of your bank. It also contains all loan account and overdraft loan accounts of your bank which belong to you.

By using this option you can check your account balance and you can also download the statment of your account.

 2.  Banking

 The banking option consists of many more options as mention below.

allahabad bank empower app baking  tab

 1. Fund transfer

 2. UPI

 3. Scan and pay

 4. Term deposits accounts

 5. Account services

 6. Nominee operations

 7. Standing instructions

 8. Beneficiary Management

 9. mPassbook

Fund transfer.

Empower app provides Fund transfer facility not only for own Allahabad Bank account but also fund transfer to other bank accounts using the emPower app.

By using the fund transfer facility of empower app, we can transfer funds in our account of Allahabad Bank and other accounts of Allahabad Bank.

As given below picture

1. Own Allahabad Bank A/c- We can transfer funds to our account.

2. Other Allahabad Bank A/c:- We can transfer fund from our account to other Allahabad Bank account like our friend account and our family members accounts which are in Allahabad Bank.

3. Other Bank account:- by using this option we can get three options to transfer fund via 

 IMPS transfer( using IFSC and account number)

 IMPS transfer (using MMID):- We can use MMID for fund transfer to other bank accounts.

 NEFT transfer-:By using NEFT transfer we can transfer funds from Allahabad Bank account to other bank accounts by using IFSC code and account number.


 UPI means unified payment interface which is used to transfer fund from one UPI id to another UPI id.

It has three options

 1. UPI Pay:- you can pay using UPI id and you can pay using IFSC code and account number

 2. UPI Collect:-you can easily collect money from other UPI id

 3. UPI Enquiry-:Here you can Enquiry About the last transaction and past fund transfer using the UPI option.

 Scan and pay

Here we can scan the Bharat QR code to pay the amount to beneficiary’s 

Term deposit A/c:-

The term deposit menu consists of all the term deposit account options online.

 Fixed deposit A/c opening:- 

we can open a fixed deposit using the Allahabad bank emPower app.

Recurring deposit A/c opening:-

 we can open Rd account online

Set maturity instructions:-

We can set instructions for maturity for an account from a specific date to the end date for a perticular account.

Account Receipt:-

We can receive account receipt of term deposit accounts like FDR account and Rd account.

Account closure:-

 We can online close the term deposit account like the FDR account and Rd account by using the Empower app of Allahabad Bank.

All bank cash option:-

 it’s a loan against term deposits. We can take a loan online using Empower App against our fixed deposit and Rd account without visiting the branch.

Account services:-

Account services include we can online submit form 15 H and 15 G without visiting the branch.

Transfer deposit account:- 

we can transfer our account from one branch to another branch

Nominee operations:-

Add Nominee:-

 We can update Nominee for our savings account and term deposit account using Empower aap of Allahabad Bank.

View/Delete Nominee:-

 We can view nominee and we can also delete nominee without visiting the branch and without paperwork.

Standing instructions:-

Create SI:- We can create SI for fund transfer from one account to another account.

View/amend SI:- we can view si and also we can delete si online using Empower aap of Allahabad Bank.

Beneficiary Management:-

Add Beneficiary:- By using Beneficiary Management we can add beneficiaries for fund transfer from one account to another account or another bank account. 

View beneficiary:- we can view beneficiary which we have added in past.


it provides online statements of the accounts and we can save the statements 


In services, it provides the following option

 1.  Mobile/DTH recharge:- we can recharge our mobile and we can also recharge our DTH online by using the official app of the Allahabad Bank Empower app.

 2. Bill pay:- we can pay our bill using the Allahabad Bank Empower app 

 3. Mutual fund:- We can buy or we can invest in a mutual fund by using the emPower App of Allahabad Bank.

 We can invest in any listed mutual funds from your Allahabad Bank account by using the emPower App.

 4.  Jan Suraksha scheme:- We can register in Jan Suraksha schemes like PMSBY scheme, PMJJBY yojana, and ATL pension scheme of the government by using the emPower App of Allahabad Bank.

 5.  Service request:- We can request to bank to service from the bank and we register for service online and after approval, we can get that service from the bank.


It includes other services in the more button of the emPower App. Following services it provides

  1.Card services

 2. Cheque services

 3. e-Services

 4. Setting

 5. FAQ s

 6. Contact us

Card services:-

Lock debit card:- We can lock our debit card temporarily after using it.

Unlock debit card:-We can again unlock our debit card for again use.

 Block debit card:- 

We can block our debit card permanently. 

Debit card pin generation:- if you forget your debit card pin or atm card pin of Allahabad Bank account then you can easily generate an ATM pin by using the emPower App of Allahabad Bank.

Debit card request:-

 We can request a new debit card online without visiting the branch or without giving an application to the branch and we can get the debit card at our address.

Update card limit:-

 We can update the debit card limit using the emPower App and we can also decrease the limit of the atm card.

Enable/ Disable international transactions:-

 We can enable and disable our debit card transaction online using Empower aap of Allahabad Bank.

Cheque services:-

Empower aap provides cheque services to its customers.

Cheque book request:- customer can apply for checkbook online using Empower aap.

Cheque book inquiry:- Customer can inquiry about their cheque online.

Cheque status enquiry:- customer can enquire their cheque status as it has paid or bounce or cancel etc.

Stop cheque payment:- customer can stop their cheque for payment.

Revoke cheque payment:- By using the emPower App customer can revoke cheque payment online.


By using the emPower App customer can register yourself for NetBanking of Allahabad Bank online.

Customers can lock Internet banking and they can also unlock the NetBanking online using the emPower App.

Setting: By using the emPower app setting customer can reset MPIN and they can change MPIN and customer can generate a pin of Allahabad Bank Empower app.

The customer can reset/ set transaction pin and a customer can deregister the emPower App. 

Contact us:- by using the emPower App contact us menu customers can contact customer care and they can also register to complain online using Empower aap of Allahabad Bank.

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