Internet Banking Bank of Baroda 

How to register Internet Banking of Bank of Baroda?

Today digital words bank of Baroda provides the online digital services in form in internet banking.

Customer of the bank of Baroda can utilize the banking services of in their hands for 24*7 days. Bank of Baroda has created easy steps to access customer accounts using the net banking or internet banking

In the post will be discuss the following terms of the bank of Baroda

  • Internet Banking (Baroda Connect)
  • What is the Baroda connect
  • Internet banking bank of Baroda login
  • How to register internet Banking of Bank of Baroda
  • Benefits of the internet banking
  • Features of the Bank of Baroda Internet Banking
  • Bank of Baroda net Banking Registration or Bank of Baroda net Banking
  • Bank of Baroda mobile Banking
  • Corporate banking of bank of Baroda
  • Bank of Baroda Bob World
  • Retail Customers limits of net banking of the bank of Baroda.
  • Corporate Customers limit of the internet banking of bank of Baroda.

What is the Baroda Connect?

Internet banking Bank of Baroda

Internet Banking of bank of Baroda ?

Bank of Baroda connect is the platform of the bank of Baroda where customers of the bank can access the services online and they can fulfill their needs for 24*7 days.

Using the Baroda connect customer can view the balance of their accounts. Customer can see the FD status for 24*7 days. They can able to manage multiple accounts online like FDR, RD, and DDP, TERM DEPOSIT, TRADING ACCOUNT.

By using the Baroda connect or internet banking of bank can transfer the fund online. Customer can request for issuing of the cheque book, we can close or open FDR online and many more services of the bank which can be accessed by the customer online.

Net banking of bank makes hassle free banking for customer and provides rich online banking experience to users.

Retail user login and corporate user login

Before registration of net banking we must know the user of net banking like Retail user login and corporate user login

Retail user of internet banking

Retail user means all individual account holder of bank of Baroda are known as retail user of the bank of Baroda.

Retail user login:

Those Customer which are individual will use the retail user login screen of the bank’s official website.

Corporate user of the net banking of Bank of Baroda

Those customer which are companies, HUF’s, sole proprietor’s partnership firms are called corporate users and all these are known non-individual

Corporate user login:

Non individual user like companies will use the corporate user login page of the bank of Baroda official website.

How to register internet banking of bank of Baroda?

Net banking of bank of Baroda can be registered online or offline.

Registration of internet banking of bank Baroda offline.

Step-1. Collect the internet banking form from the Home Page of bank of Baroda

Step-2. Retail user collect retail form and corporate user use the corporate net banking form.

Step-3. Fill the form and sign according signatory of retail user and corporate user

Step-4. Submit the signed form in base branch where customer is maintaining the account.

Step-5. Branch official will register the net banking of the retail user or corporate user.

Step-6. User id of net banking of bank of Baroda will be received in registered mail id or customer can get their user id by using the “Forget User ID” from the Baroda Connect.

Step-7. Customer has to login in internet banking from Baroda connect.

By using the following the steps user can register the net banking of the bank of Baroda offline.

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Online registration of internet banking of bank of Baroda

 To register internet banking online few things are require.
  • Active ATM card or debit card of bank of Baroda.
  • Registered Mail ID.
  • Registered Mobile No.

What is the process of online net banking of bank of Baroda?

We will register net banking by using the Debit card of the bank. Just follow few steps to get registered the net banking online.

 Step-1.Visit the official website of the bank of Baroda.

Step-2 Click on retail user Login page

Step-3 Select the online Registration using Debit card

Step-4 Verify Capcha code and click on continue

Step-5 Keep ready debit card number, Expiry Date, ATM PIN

Step-6 Type your 16 digit card no and expiry date and ATM pin and capcha and validate the data

Step-7 One OTP received in your registered mobile no- after submit the button

Step-8 Click on continue and enter OTP

Step-9 Make your user id according your need.

Step-10 Select your type of internet banking facility like view or transaction view

Step-11 Create two password Sign on Password and Transaction Password

Step-12 Enter sign on password and re-enter sign on password and password should be 8 digit

Step-13 Enter transaction password and re-enter transaction password. Both sing on password and transaction password should not same

Step-14 Click on continue after creating the both password. User ID has been successfully created and password are set. You can see the USER ID created by you.

Step-15 Go to Login page

Step-16 Type user id which you created and select the language, click on login

Step-17 Type sign on password and click login and Enroll now

Step-18 Type personal massage according your need.

Step-19 Select the 5 security question and answer them and keep remember for future use if you forget the password then you can use these security question to reset the password

Step-20 Type the existing sign on password

Step-21 Create the new Arcot Sign on password and retype the Arcot sign on password

Step-22 Type the transaction password.

Step-23. Click on Register button. As soon as you click on register button you will receive the massage that the password is changed successfully and your request has been submitted successfully.

Step-24. Now you can re login internet banking of the bank of Baroda.

Benefits of the internet banking

  • Fund transfer: Customers can fund transfer using the RTGS/NEFT/IMPS
  • Pay utilities: Customer can pay their utilities bill online using the internet banking of the bank of Baroda.
  • Pay Tuition fees: user can pay the tuition fees of the their child
  • Book Rail and Air tickets: online using the net banking of the bank of Baroda customer can book the ticket.
  • Tax payment easy: Customer can pay tax online
  • Bulk payment facility: User can utilize the bulk payment facility for payment like salary of employee and other third party payment
  • Online fixed deposit and recurring deposit: customer can open the fixed deposit and recurring deposit online.
  • Multiple workflow for corporate user accounts: Internet banking user can get multiple work flow for corporate user accounts
  • Stop payment: Customer can get option to stop the payment online using the internet banking
  • IPO Subscription: Customer can get the IPO Subscription option in net banking online.

Features of the internet banking of the bank of Baroda

  1. View account summaries: Customer of the bank Baroda easily can see the summaries of the accounts linked with net banking of account.
  2. Manage multiple accounts- Net banking user can manage the multiple accounts in bank of Baroda. If customers have multiple accounts in bank then easily they can access accounts.
  3. Generate account statements: Customer can generate online statement easily. They can get all accounts statement easily.
  4. Transaction history: Customer can view the transaction history
  5. Cost Efficient- all services all free cost. Customer don’t need to pay any amount to access services online.
  6. Form 26AS: user of the net banking can access the 26AS easily.
  7. Online request: customer can change the mailing address and customer can request for generation of TDS certificate online. User can access the NPS portal/ they can perform Demat portal transaction.
  8. Mobile Alerts: Free of cost mobile alert for debit/credit transaction.
  9. Services Support: central service center for customer online to give solution of their problems.

More features of net banking of bank of Baroda.

  • Facility to Purchase SGB
  • Online updation/addition/deletion of Nominee
  • View KVP (Kisan Vikas Patra) certificates in Baroda Connect
  • Digital Signature Authentication
  • User ID Retrieval & Resetting of Passwords
  • Online self-registration
  • Online RD (Recurring Deposit) Request
  • Online FD (Fixed Deposit) Request
  • Modeling
  • Online updation/addition/deletion of Nominee
  • Digital Signature Authentication

Corporate Customers: Revised limits

Bank of Baroda has revised the limit internet banking of the bank of Baroda online.

Category Type of Transaction Per Transaction Daily TAX Payment/Self-Linked
Corporate SHP/TPT/NEFT/RTGS/BULK UPLOAD (In Lakhs 30 75 Unlimited
Corporate IMPS 2 2 Unlimited


The default limits for addition of beneficiaries for Retail and Corporate customers in a day are as under
No. of Beneficiary Retail Corporate
Total Number of Beneficiaries per day (any mode of payment) 25 30


Retail Customers: Revised limits

Category Type of Transaction Per Transaction Daily TAX Payment/Self-Linked
Retail SHP/TPT/NEFT/RTGS (In Lakhs) 10 25 Unlimited
Retail IMPS (Lakhs) 2 2 Unlimited




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