How to apply online debit card of Canara bank in 2021

Today we will discuss how apply debit card/ ATM card request of the Canara bank online. There are many ways to apply online request of debit card of canara bank.

  1. Using the Net-banking
  2. Mobile banking
  3. Using the ATM machine.

But you don’t have canara bank internet banking in your account and don’t have the mobile banking in your account and also you do not have the ATM card to apply new debit card using the ATM Machine.

How to apply online debit card/ ATM card Canara bank.

Customer of the Canara bank easily apply debit card request online by visiting the official website of the bank.


What are the requirement to apply debit card of bank.

  1. Account number of the customer.
  2. Registered mobile number.
  3. PAN/Aadhar card number.
  4. If the account joint then require the PAN/Aadhar card number of the primary account holder.


What are the steps to apply Canara bank debit card online?

  1. Visit the official website
  2. in the home page right side you will get the option APPLY DEBIT CARD
  3. Click on the APPLY DEBIT CARD option
  4. Enter your account number.
  5. Select your PAN OR Aadhar number that is linked with your account.
  6. Enter PAN or Aadhar number.
  7. Type the characters of the above image
  8. Click the proceed button
  9. You will get OTP in your registered mobile number and validate the OTP.
  10. After validation of the OTP done Existing Address details will be displayed and option to change the address details is also available.
  11. Select address according your desire or change accordingly.
  12. After submitting address details, card request will be placed and your debit card/ ATM card will be delivered in your selected address.

Note: in case your account is joint then you can use the details of PAN/Aadhar card number of the Primary account holder to apply ATM card of the Canara bank.

Type of the Debit card/ATM Card available in Canara bank.

  1. Canara Classic / Standard Debit Card
  2. Platinum Cards
  3. Campus Cards

indian bank debit card block and unblock

Canara Classic / Standard Debit Card of the Canara Bank.

We can get Personalized/ Non- Personalized type debit card from Canara bank and Savings account, Current account (Prop) & OD Account customers are eligible for the debit card 

Facilities Available:

  • ATM Cash Withdrawal & other non financial services
  • Shop at PoS at Merchant Outlets
  • Shop online & enjoy discounts
Limit of the canara bank atm card
  • Cash Withdrawal Limit: Rs 40,000 per day
  • PoS/Online Limit: Rs 1,00,000 per day

ATM Transactions Free

  • 3 Transactions for Metros
  • 5 transactions for other centers
  • Annual charges : Rs 120+ GST

        Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ

        Q. What is the platinum card of the canara bank?

        Ans.Platinum card is special card of the bank and it has Cash withdrawal limit of Rs. 50,000/- per day and Purchases limit upto Rs.2 lakhs per day.

        its for the Customers of the Bank having average quarterly balance of Rs.1 lakh and above in SB/CA or such of those existing Canara Bank Debit Cardholders who have registered purchase transactions turnover of Rs.50,000/- and above during a year.

        Customers having Power Plus account are also eligible for issue of Platinum Debit card and it covers Complementary Insurance Benefits

        Q. What is the Annual Fee  for the platinum card?

        Ans. Annual fees for the platinum card of the canara bank is Rs 200 and  replacement charge is Rs. 50. & Duplicate and Hotlist fees of the debit card is Rs.150 and Regeneration of Green Pin Rs.50.

        Q. What is the Canara Campus Card ?

        Ans. Canara campus cards for the students of the college and institution who has tied  up with has photo bearning debit card.

        Q. What are uses of the Canara campus card?

        Ans. To withdraw cash from ATMs/To make purchases with the card/To pay fees to the institution.

        Q. How should We secure ATM PIN?

        Ans. When ever you thing that your  ATM pin can easily recognize or guess then you must change your atm pin and create a strong atm pin which can not be easily guess by any one .

        Q. How to know the validity of Canara Bank Debit Card?

        Ans. Canara bank debit card validity is printed in front side of the atm card where you can see expiry month and year of atm card.

        Q. How to know that insurance cover is available or not in canara bank debit card?

        Ans. While taking atm card from bank . You must ask to branch official that debit card have any insurance cover or not .

        Earlier banks were providing the insurance cover to atm card but now days they are not providing insurance cover but NPCI are providing the insurance. To confirm you  must ask official they will tell you weather you card is cover or not.

        Q.How to generate atm pin of canara bank ?

        Ans. You can easily create the debit card pin by using the ATM Machine or net banking of your account.

        You have to select the green pin option in atm machine and generate the ATM pin. Login the net banking select the atm pin generation option and generate the atm pin online.

        Q. How to get mini Statement in canara bank.

        Ans. Mini statement means last 10 transaction of your account .You can easily get by giving the miss call in in canara bank or you can also get the mini statement by using the net banking or atm card of canara bank.

        Q. do we need to use atm card first time only in canara bank atm machine?

        Ans. No, You don’t need to use first time atm card in canara bank atm machine. We can use any atm machine to withdraw money from atm machine.

        Q. If my canara bank atm card is not working?

        Ans. There are many reasons for not working atm card.

        • it may be your debit card demaged.
        • Your account may be inoperative or frozen at branch level due to some reason. Please contact your branch to know the account status
        • Connectivity failure at that particular time
        • You might have selected the wrong account type i.e. savings instead of current or vice-versa
        • You may not have swiped the card properly. Try 2 to 3 times.
        • Connectivity from the ATM to your branch has failed.
        • You may be using wrong PIN


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