How to register NetBanking of Allahabad Bank?

How to use internet banking of Allahabad Bank online or offline ?


Allahabad Bank website of NetBanking

What is NetBanking?

Netbanking is the online banking of banks that consists of online financial and non-financial services.

How to register net banking of Allahabad bank?

There are two ways to register for Internet banking of Allahabad bank.

 1. Online 

 2. Offline 

How to register online Internet banking?

You can register for Internet banking of Allahabad bank using the empower app of Allahabad bank and You can register yourself for net banking by using the official website of Allahabad bank.


What is a customer id ?

What are the requirements of net banking registration?

 1. Cif number of account

 2. Mobile number

 3. Email Id

 4. Atm card number

 5. Atm expiry date

 6. Account number

 7. OTP of register mobile number


  How to register for NetBanking of Allahabad Bank ?

Net baking using the official website.

Just follow a few steps for the registration of the net banking of Allahabad bank.

Step 1. Visit the official website of Allahabad bank 

or click on below link

Internet banking registration of Allahabad Bank

Step 2. Click on the personal banking login Page.

Allahabad Bank NetBanking login


Step 3. If your using mobile then set your browser in desktop mode or else click on continue to login or click on click here to set browser in desktop mode as given picture 

Allahabad Bank NetBanking


Step 4. If your existing user then type your user name and password and captcha and login else follow step 5.

Step 5. Click on the new user? Register here, under the tab login

How to register Allahabad bank netbanking

Here you will get new screen as given below

Netbanking Allahabad Bank login

Step 6. Enter cif number, account number, mobile number, type of facility, and email id and security code and submit.

Step 7. You will get a new screen having a CIF number and some blank fields as given below.

How to login in Internet banking
Step 8. Type debit card number and ATM PIN and ATM expiry month and year and one-time password (OTP) and click on the verify button for verification.


Step 9. After verification you will get new user registration- user confirmation screen, check all details and click on the check box and click on confirm to confirm all details.

Allahabad Bank NetBanking


Step 10. After confirmation, you will get a new screen having a CIF number and preferred user ID, type your preferred user id in small letters but create your user-id according to your desire and type a new password which will be used later for login in NetBanking. Remember while making password and submit. 

Allahabad Bank user id NetBanking


Step 11. After submission, you will get SMS from the bankside as given below

Dear Customer, your request for accessing Indian Bank Internet Banking has been successfully processed. Please SMS ‘ACTIVATE 201040161000000’ to 9223150150 from registered mobile no to activate Internet Banking. — 20/10/20 19:06 – eALB .

Step 11. You need to reply on 9223150150 for activation of NetBanking from a registered mobile number and type SMS as received in mobile number as my SMS will be

 ACTIVATE 201040161000000

 and I will send it on 9223150150.

Step 12. After sending SMS you will get SMS from the bank like below

 Dear Customer, Internet Banking facility is active. Please Login and generate a transaction password.

Step 13. Now you can login to Internet banking by clicking on personal Banking and typing the user id which you made while login into Internet banking.

By using these steps you can easily register your internet banking online without visiting the branch of Allahabad Bank.

Note- Your mobile number and mail ID must be registered in bank account and you must have an ATM card of your account. 

How to Register NetBanking Using the empower app of Allahabad bank?

You need to install the empower app of Allahabad bank then follow a few steps.

Step 1. Login in empower app using MPIN.

Allahabad Bank Empower app


Step 2. Click in more as a given picture.

Step 3. Click on e-services.

Step 4. Click on Internet banking registration.

Step 5. Enter cif number of your account and create a log in password 

And submit 

Step 6. After successful submission, you need to create a user name of net banking which is later on used to login into Internet banking.

By using these simple steps you can register for internet banking of Allahabad bank.

How to register for internet banking offline? 

You can register for NetBanking offline by giving an application at the branch.

You need to write an application form of NetBanking at the branch and write all details like account number, mobile number, CIF number, and Mail ID and give consent for view or view and fund transfer right in NetBanking form After application submitted. Branch official will register your NetBanking and you will get an SMS that your user id of NetBanking will be this and now login in Internet banking of Allahabad Bank by visiting the official website of the bank and create your preferred user ID after login in NetBanking by using SMS details which you got in your mobile number.

So you can easily register NetBanking by giving an application to the branch for NetBanking registration.


Q. Does mail ID must require?

Ans. Yes, Mail ID must be updated in the bank account for Internet banking registration.

Q. How to update the e-mail Id in the bank account?

Ans. Easily you can register by using the empower app of Allahabad Bank and clicking on profile and update e-mail Id and by visiting branch and giving an application for updation of e-mail id.

Q. What is the CIF number?

Ans. CIF number is a customer number that is a unique number created while opening an account.

Q. How to find CIF number?

Ans. You can ask the bank official and the CIF number is available in the bank as a customer number in the bank passbook.

Q. What is an empower aap?

Ans. An Empower app is a mobile banking app of Allahabad Bank and it’s the official app and has more important services of the bank like non-financial and financial services. It consists of mutual fund services and has many more features as compare to NetBanking. 

Q. How to register mobile banking of Allahabad bank?

And. Allahabad bank empower AAP is also known as mobile banking of the bank. There is no other app in name of mobile banking.


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