Allahabad bank account balance inquiry number

How to know the balance of Allahabad bank account ?

Balance inquiry of Allahabad Bank account

What is a balance inquiry?

Balance inquiry means to know the available balance of your account is known as balance inquiry.

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How to get the balance of the Allahabad bank account?

You can easily get the balance of the Allahabad bank account by just giving a miss call.

You can miss on the 09224150150 to get the balance of your Allahabad bank account.

For balance inquiry call on  09224150150.

You need to call on the above number from a registered mobile number.

When you call on this number and your call will be disconnected automatically after some time and you will get the balance of 5 transactions of your account

As mentioned below.

Account No: xxxxxxx0110   Balance : Rs. 344870.00(CR) 1.01/10/20  3000.00(CR) 2.30/09/20  1674.00(DR) 3.29/09/20  7000.00(CR) 4.02/09/20  3000.00(CR) 5.31/08/20  1790.00(DR) 

If customers have multiple accounts.

If you have more than one account in one bank and have the same mobile number in all accounts. you can set your default account for the balance inquiry.

How can we set a primary account for the balance inquiry

You need to send an SMS from your registered mobile for making a primary account for the balance inquiry in a fixed format as given below.


REG primary account on 09223150150.

For example

REG 50123444566 and I sent in on 09223150150.

After sending SMS you will get a return SMS from the bank.

As mentioned below.

Your Account has been registered successfully

It means your primary account has been changed. Now you can call for a balance inquiry on 09224150150.

Balance inquiry through customer care

You can also call on customer care for a balance inquiry

You can contact on 18005722000

It is a toll-free number and available for 24*7.

Customer care may take time to attend your call due to more callers online or maybe a rush of incoming calls.

Other ways to know the balance of your account.

You can get balance using  the Allahabad empower app

Allahabad Bank Empower Aap

You can know the balance using the net banking of Allahabad bank.

Official website of Allahabad Bank
Link of website

Allahabad Bank NetBanking website

Allahabad Bank NetBanking official website picture, click on personal Banking


Q. Does mobile number must be in the account.

And. Yes, Your mobile number must be registered in the bank account.

Q. How can I download the empower app?

And. You can download from the play store by just typing the Allahabad bank empower app.

Q. How many times we can change our primary account for a balance inquiry?

Ans. You can change many times according to your need. There are no restrictions for changing the primary account for the balance inquiry and there are no charges for changing the primary account.

Q. How can we change the mobile number if I have not mentioned in the account.

And. You can give an application to the branch for a mobile number change.

Q. How much time it takes for mobile number change in account.

Ans. It depends on the Branch of your bank. How long time they take to change the mobile number in your account?

Q. How can we get mobile banking from Allahabad bank?

Ans. You can register the Allahabad bank empower app which is a mobile banking app of the bank.

Q. How can we register the Internet banking of Allahabad bank?

Ans. You can register Allahabad bank net banking online and offline.

Online -you can use the official website of Allahabad Bank for registering net banking.

Offline -you can give an application for registration of Internet banking of Allahabad bank in Branch.

Q. Does email id necessary for banking?

Ans. Yes, for registration of net banking you must have an email id in your account.

Q. Can we get the balance of the loan account?

Ans. Yes, you can get the balance of the loan account but firstly you need to make your loan account as a primary account number by sending an SMS from a registered mobile number.


REG 122333333333 and send on 09223150150.

Here 122333333333 is my loan account.

Q. How to change mobile number online?

Ans. You can change the mobile number online by using an empower AAP of Allahabad bank. Where you need to use the profile option of empower AAP.

Note-  for changing online mobile number your old mobile must-have in your account for getting OTP.Allahabad

To know about empower app

Q. How can we change or register the email id in the Allahabad bank online?

Ans. Yes, you can change or register email id online using empower AAP of Allahabad bank by selecting profile of empower AAP.

How to change mobile number and email ID in Allahabad Bank account using empower app

Q. How many transactions I get in balance inquiry?

Ans. You will get the last 5 transactions of your account.

Q. What is DR. and C.R in balance inquiry?

And. Dr. means debit which indicates that it was a debit transaction and CR. means credit which indicates that it was a credit transaction.


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