There are 6 ways to pay SBI credit card.

We will be discussing about each option to pay SBI credit card payment on time .
Let’s start to understand 6 ways to pay card due.
  • Debit card
  • Net Banking
  • UPI
  • NEFT
  • Cheque
  • Bill desk

1. Debit card

Debit card is an ATM card. by using debit card we can pay the dues of credit card on time.
Debit card may be master card, ATM card, Visa card, gold Visa Card and any form of debit card can be used for paying credit card dues. whenever you try to pay outstanding of credit card using debit card ,you will get following option.

sbi credit card payment
select bank
Select bank
As mention above pics you can select the your bank debit card and pay due amount.

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2. Net Banking

By using the NetBanking you can easily pay outstanding balance. For NetBanking you must have NetBanking registration in your account and login I’d and login password and transaction password for paying credit card payment. In the NetBanking you have to select your bank then it will automatically directed you to home page of NetBanking login of your bank and type I’d and login password and select account from which you want to pay and then use transaction password for final payment of card.

3. UPI

UPI is most common and easy process to pay outstanding amount of credit card. You just need to select due amount or whatever amount you want to pay then type you VPA I’d and you will get notifications or option on your UPI app to pay , select that transaction and type UPI pin and pay due amount.


NEFT option is time consuming option because it does not reflect in real time it takes some time to credit in account of SBI credit card. You can use NEFT application form at your branch and you can transfer any mode where NEFT facility is available like UPI app where NEFT facility is enabled and mobile banking of your account. You need to fill your credit card number and IFSC code of your beneficiary and send them.

5. Cheque

To pay using cheque is very time consuming and it may takes two to three days to credit in your credit card account. You need to write name and account number of credit card on cheque then submit this cheque to SBI branch for paying the cheque SBI branch will send this cheque to clearning house and they will credit amount to your SBI credit card account.

6. Bill desk

You can directly pay using Bill desk of credit card where you will get many options like
1. Through debit card
2. NetBanking.
3. UPI
4. Scan and pay.
So easily we can pay our credit card due on time by using any option as explained above but cheque and NEFT option are little bil time consuming as compared to other options most I prefer UPI and scan and pay which instantly reflect credit card account.
I hope this information will help you to understand payment process of SBI credit card.

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