Important points for e-Banking

Net banking of bank account, How to use netbanking?

What is e-Banking?

What are the 5 points for the importance of e-banking?

What is the difference between e-banking and Internet banking?

What is the meaning of corporate e-banking?

Important points of net banking

What is e-Banking?

E-Banking means banking services are available online in customer’s hand and customer can avail the Banking services online using e-banking. E-Banking means Internet banking of your bank account. E-Banking covers all  the services of banks which are available online in Internet banking of bank. E-Banking covers financial services and non-financial services of the bank.
E-Banking has very powerful services in these days. By using the internet banking customer can do their work online without visiting the branch. Customers can access Banking services in their hands.
By using the E-banking customers can do their financial work as well as non financial work. Customer can apply for home delivery services by using the e-banking services.
Online NetBanking of bank account

5 important points of e-banking

 1.E- Banking services are available online so always access e-Banking from trusted sites.
 2. Always check the URL of the e-Banking whether it is right or wrong
 3. Must check HTTPS in the website of E-banking before login in Net Banking site of bank
 4. Never share yours e-banking user id and password to any other
 5. Avoid to access e- Banking services in crowed places.

How to get User id of Net Banking of SBI Bank


What is a difference between e- Banking and Internet banking?

There is no difference between e-banking and Internet banking.
Both are same things. 

What is the corporate e banking?

Corporate e-Banking means Internet banking or net banking of corporate account or Net banking of current account is knows as corporate Internet banking or e- banking.
Corporate e-Banking are available for corporate account holders. We can say net-banking of company account is called corporate net banking.
 in the corporate net banking corporate account holders can use financial and non financial transactions of their account online without visiting branch.

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